Movie is an unnecessary element of our lives. It guides you to consider, make you laugh when you are unhappy, let you know more about the big world through a small screen, etc.

Movie-Gadgets Help You Watch Movies at Anywhere

You can watch a movie whenever you want with these portable gadgets. Thus, you won’t be limited by circumstance when you want to watch a movie at once.

Portable Mini Projector

A small size projector will help you watch movies on big screen even you are not in the cinema. For example, when you are camping and nothing to do at night, you can watch a movie along or with companions via your portable projector.

Movie-Gadgets Help You Watch Movies at Anywhere

There are various small projectors for you to choose. If you do not know which projector is the best for yourself, you can select a projector from a popular brand under your budget, such as XGIMI CC Mini Portable Projector LED 1080P Full HD ($469.99), Alfawise X1 Mini 2.1 inch Wireless DLP Projector ($229.99), Alfawise D2 3000 Lumens Mini DLP Smart Projector ($205.99), and more.

Big Capacity Power Bank

A power bank is necessary when you are outside and want to watch a movie through your smartphone. The normal mobile power bank’s power capacity is 10000mAh which is enough for watching one or two movies.

Movie-Gadgets Help You Watch Movies at Anywhere

Xiaomi Ultra-thin 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank 2 is an affordable, exquisite, and portable accessory for charging your smartphone, Bluetooth headset, or millet bracelet.

Flexible Phone Holder

It is tired to hold your phone for a long time during watching a movie. You can free your hands from holding the mobile phone if you have a flexible smartphone holder. There are many different mobile holders, such as 360 degree round ring, foldable and adjustable phone bracket, long arm bracket, sound amplifier phone holder, etc. You can select the best phone holder for yourself to meet your needs.

5 Phone Holders to Watch Movies Conveniently

Bluetooth Earphone / Headset

You can watch movies when noise is around you. A good quality headset will let you immerse in the movie and ignore the outside when you are watching a movie. Xiaomi Redmi earphone has Noise Reduction of 7.2mm Moving Coil Drive Unit and DSP Intelligent Environment Noise Reduction feature. Its 4 hours battery life lets you want movies and forget where you are.

Movie-Gadgets Help You Watch Movies at Anywhere

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Want to get a louder voice when watching movies through your smartphone? You need a Bluetooth speaker! Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 speaker is a super portable, round design Bluetooth V4.0 speaker, which makes it easy to hear whatever is playing anywhere. 2W audio driver that produces sound louder than ordinary single speaker, giving you an extraordinary audio experience.

Movie-Gadgets Help You Watch Movies at Anywhere

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