Watching movie or other videos through big screen is better than sharing a small screen of mobile phone. Thus, take an Alfawise D2 smart projector with you to watch movies like in theater.

Alfawise D2 3000 Lumens Smart Projector

Alfawise D2 Portable Mini Projector

It is a portable and exquisite smart projector that both girls and boys love. You can buy an Alfawise D2 as the 2019 Christmas gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend. They will be grateful for the present and carry it with them everywhere.

Alfawise D2 3000 Lumens Smart Projector

Alfawise D2 is a portable smart cinema. The device is only 0.22kg weight and 3.43 x 3.23 x 2.4 inches which you can carry it with you when you are going outdoor. It has many important functions though the projector is small. “Small but powerful” is the slogan of Alfawise D2 mini projector.

Remarkable Picture

Advanced DLP technology utilizes IntelliBright algorithms to provide a radiant 100 ANSI lm picture. Supports 1080P playback, direct windowing during the day, no fear of glare, better picture.

Alfawise D2 Mini Smart Projector

Transform Any Space into a Theater

Using Android 7.1, 2G + 16G big flash, it plays content from your favorite video streaming app or mirrors your phone’s screen to create a private Theater. The magic cube supports 1080P full HD and wireless HDMI to let you watch HD movies conveniently.

Make the Great Outdoor Greater

Outdoor camping, vacation, with D2, you can enjoy big movies with your family and friends anytime, anywhere in nature, and feel the joy of gathering together. Besides, you can play a game with pleasure and feel the immersive feeling through a big screen.

Alfawise D2 Portable Smart Projector

Extended Video Playtime

Alfawise D2 delivers up to 5 hours of continuous video with 5000mAh battery. Quick Charge technology enables D2 to recharge faster and charge while in use.

Alfawise D2 smart projector is an all-in-one device. You are able to use it as stereo Bluetooth speaker, wireless TV box, or big screen TV.

Alfawise D2 Portable Projector

How to Connect Alfawise D2 to Android Phone?

If you own an Alfawise D2 smart mini projector, you may often connect it to your PC, mobile phone or tablet to enjoy HD videos with a big screen. Let’s start pairing Alfawise D2 with phone once you have received the product.

Step 1. Turn on your phone and Alfawise D2 projector. You should make sure your phone and projector have enough power for watching a movie. If they have not much power, please plug them into power outlets.

Step 2. Connect the Alfawise D2 to phone through a HDMI cable. Generally, HDMI cable is not included in the package. Thus, you need to prepare a HDMI cable after buying the projector.

Step 3. Once the Android phone and projector are connected, click on the Menu in the top left corner of your screen. After that, select the Displays icon.

Note: You can also connect your Alfawise D2 to Mac or other devices by following the steps.

Alfawise D2 is ready for mirroring your phone’s screen. You can select the movie or video you want to watch and then show on the HD big screen. The mirroring image is in high quality which will surprise you.

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