Are you curious about watching movies in VR? Want to know if VR headset is worthy for watching movies? Can I watch movies online through a VR headset? Or how to watch 3D movies via a VR headset? Let’s get the answers if your brain is full of these questions.

How to Use Bigscreen to watch movies in VR

Is VR Headset Worthy for Watching Movies?

Most people would say yes. You might get a normal feeling after watching a movie at home normally. But you will feel like you are sitting in the big screen cinema when you watch a movie through your VR headset.

Simply with a VR headset, you are able to enjoy 2D, 3D movies and 360 videos at home. And you can manage your PC through your virtual reality equipment to play video games in VR and do many other interesting things as well.

vr headset for watching movies

However, you need to know that your eyes will become tired if you use the headset for a long time. It is better to have a break and take the VR headset off after finishing watching a movie.

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Can You Watch Online Movies on a VR Headset?

Sure! You can watch movies online through using your VR headset or watch the downloaded movie from your local file.

Netflix VR movie app

When you received your VR headset, you can install some movie-watching apps for VR equipment to watch movies online. For example, Netflix VR allows you to watch online movies on a VR headset.

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How to Watch 3D Movies Using a VR Headset?

VR headset supports for watching normal movies, 2D / 3D / 360-degree videos. Therefore, you can enjoy 3D movies at home through wearing a VR headset.

watch 3D movies via VR headset

But how can you watch 3D movies via the VR headset? Is it difficult to watch 3D movies through a VR headset? It is easy to watch 3D movies via your headset. For instance, if you have an Oculus VR headset, you can install Virtual Desktop application on your headset and computer. After you setting up your devices, you are able to watch 3D movies through your Oculus headset.

How to Use Virtual Desktop App

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You will own a world of entertainment if you get a VR headset. Watch movies or play games with friends at a virtual room even you are far from each other. Don’t be addicted to your VR headset or your eyes will say no to you.

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