What age is appropriate for watching 3D movies? Is it ok to take a three years old kid to watch 3D movie? Is 3D bad for children’s eyes? Let’s find out the appropriate ages for watching 3D films.

How to Watch 3D Movies without Glasses

3D movies in big screen theaters are popular as they make you feel the movies are real worlds. But when we finished watching a 3D movie in the cinema, our eyes feel tired. Therefore, some guys think that 3D movies / videos may have bad influences on our eyes.

According to reports from American Optometric Association (AOA), 3D video is fine for most children. Most kids can use both eyes together to see something by age 3 to be able to enjoy a 3D movie. That’s not say kids before the age are not allowed to watch 3D movies. There isn’t any risk to their eyesight if kids see a movie in 3D before 3 years old, but they probably won’t be able to see it properly.

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The AOA also cautions that kids diagnosed with conditions such as photosensitive epilepsy or those taking medications that are known to lower seizure thresholds should exercise caution with both 2D and 3D television. AOA says there is no evidence that seizure risks are any greater with 3D than regular TV programs or movies.

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Generally, kids have not enough patient to seat in their seats for watching a 60 – 120 minutes film. If you do not want your kid cry or scream in the cinema, you should do some preparation before watching a 3D movie.

First of all, you should communicate with your kid(s) to choose the right 3D movie. Most kids like animations. You can find a kid-friendly 3D animation that you kid(s) like and isn’t difficult for kids to understand.

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The next thing you should do is to plan it right. The best time for kids to watch movies is earlier in the day. They have energy to stay at their seats for 1 to 2 hours and enjoy the movies in front of them. Besides, make sure kids are well fed, and decide ahead of time if you’ll be buying popcorn, candy, or water so you don’t have to negotiate in the theater.

Appropriate for Watching 3D Movies

Finally, you can go to the cinema and watch the selected 3D film with your kid(s). It is ok you your three years old kid to watch a 3D movie properly. And you can discuss with your kid(s) after watching the film to see if they have any opinion about the film or character.

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