Do you like to watch Horror movies at night alone or with friends? Does watching horror movies affect your brain? Yes, absolutely. This post will let you know what happens to your brain during watching scary movies.

How Horror Movies Affect Your Brain

To know your brain is affected by horror movies, you need to know what exactly is a horror movie and what make you feel scared.

What is horror movie?

“Horror” means an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust. Horror movies are films that evoke audiences’ fear for entertainment. Generally, horror movies often involved in death, ghost or evil force, murder, and more bad events.

Horror movie is divided into many different subgenres, including action horror, comedy horror, horror adventure, psychological horror, science fiction horror, supernatural horror, etc.

How Horror Movies Affect Your Brain

You will feel it is horrible when you saw extremely violent scenes or heard the horrific sound. In a word, horror films are aimed to let the audiences to involved in the fear of unknown.

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There are many great horror movies since the first ever horror film was created. For example, The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957), The Strangers (2008), The Crazies (2010), A Quiet Place (2018), etc.


How Horror Movies Affect Your Brain?

Horror films may cause different side effects towards various viewers. When you sit down to watch a scary film, you seem to be relaxed because you know it is not true. But your brain will response immediately to the scenes that look like threaten.

How Horror Movies Affect Your Brain

The adrenaline released from a fear response can cause viewers to seek out that sensation again and again. Our love of all things horror may also stem from the Arousal Transfer Theory, suggesting that negative emotions created by scary situations can intensify the positive feelings we experience when the characters make it out alive.

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Though you feel horrific after watching a horror movie, you won’t stop your step to watch more scary films in the future.

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