Are you finding some tricks to protect your Whatsapp from being hacked? If you use Whatsapp daily to connect with your friends, family, colleagues, etc., the security of your Whatsapp account is important. Or someone may know everything about you once your Whatsapp is hacked.

Whatsapp Account Security

Since the account security is so important, you need to strength your Whatsapp account security by following the tips at below.

#1. Don’t Use Free Public WiFi

Hackers or network experts can hack your device if you connect it to a free public wifi. In this case, your photos, files, contact, app info and more on the device will be seen by others.

#2. Lock It via a Complex Code

Maybe you lock your device with a difficult password, but it is not enough for protecting your Whatsapp messages. You need to install a third party locker to lock your Whatsapp application with a complex code.

#3. Disable the Cloud Backup

Whatsapp cloud backup offers hackers a way to steal messages from your Whatsapp account. Therefore, you should better disable the auto backup feature on your device. You can go to Settings – Cloud Backup – to stop backup automatically.

Note: In this way, you cannot recover the conversations once you restore factory defaults.

#4. Log out from Whatsapp Web

Hackers or others who use your device can easily connect to your Whatsapp when you forget logout. If you log in your Whatsapp on the web, you should log out your account when you leave or don’t use your Whatsapp.

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#5. Never Install Unknown Source App

Hackers often utilize some third party apps from unknown sources to hack your mobile devices’ data. Thus, you should check if your device has any hidden application that you don’t know.

#6. Check the Security Code of Chat

A security code is created when you start a new chat. You can select the profile picture of your contact in the chat and then select encryption to check the code. If the code you get is different, it means that someone has managed to hack your chat.

#7. Active Security Notifications

This feature will let you know when a chat’s security code has been changed. Just go to Settings – Account – Security to active the feature to boost your data security.

Whatsapp Account Security

These tricks are many people have done for protecting their Whatsapp account and other apps’ security. You can discuss with us through commenting at below if you have other useful tips.

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