If you have questions on connecting your Wyze Cam to Wifi or setting your Wyze camera, you can refer to this Wyze Cam connection guide which contains all Wyze Cam connection problems.

Wyze Cam connection guide

Wyze Cam 1080P indoor wireless smart camera is a top seller on Amazon. Many people have brought this HD camera for their home, yard, office or others. And some of them have connection problems at their first time using.

This guide helps most of Wyze Cam users to set up their devices. If you have Wyze Cam WIFI connection issues, let’s get a solution for your problem.

How to Connect Wyze Cam to WiFi?

It is not difficult to connect your Wyzecam to WIFI. Wyze Cam Pan is only compatible with the 2. 4GHz WIFI network (does not support 5GHz WIFI). Therefore, you can only connect your Wyze smart camera to a 2.4GHz WIFI. To do general settings and WIFI connection, you can follow the YouTube video:

Wyze Cam WIFI Connection Steps

Step 1. Download the Wyze cam app on your mobile device and then create an account if you have not created before. Wyze has different versions of app for Android and iOS devices. In this case, download and install the appropriate app for your mobile phone or tablet.

Step 2. Connect your Wyze came to a proper power source. The product comes with a USB cable and power adapter. You need to use the cable and adapter to connect your camera to the power source.

The LED light will be a solid yellow to tell you the camera has power. Once the light starts flashing, you can set the camera right now.

Step 3. Add a new device in your Wyze app by pressing “New Device” and selecting “Wyze Cam”. After that, press and hold SETUP button behind your camera until you hear “Ready to connect”. Finally, tap the “Next” button on your app.

Wyze Cam setup button

Step 4. Add your WIFI information. You need to enter your wireless network name and password to add your 2.4GHZ WIFI info.

Step 5. Scan the QR code. The app shows a QR code after entering your WIFI information. Let your Wyze Cam scan the code until you hear “QR code scanned, please wait”.

Wyze Cam QR code

Step 6. Connect Wyze Cam to WIFI. You should tap “I heard ‘QR code scanned. Please wait’” in your Wyze app to complete the setting. The light indicator will show a solid blue after Wyze cam connected to WIFI.

Wyze Cam light indicators

How to Connect Wyze Cam to a New WiFi?

If you want to connect Wyze Cam to another or better WIFI, you need to get a new QR code. You will need to walk through the Setup process again so that a new QR code can be generated and your cameras can create a new connection with your new WiFi network name and password.

Open your Wyze app – go to the Home page – tap the “…” at the upper right – select “Add a Product” to start a new setup. What you need to do is follow the messages on your screen to finish the setting.

How to Connect Wyze Cam to My Alexa?

Wyze Cam smart camera works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Wyze has a video for their users to use Wyze Cam with Alexa so that you can watch this video to setup the function.

Note: Wyze Cam v1 does not working with Alexa. Only v2 works with Alexa now.

Step 1. Setup your Wyze Cam in Wyze app.

Step 2. Update the firmware. for Wyze Cam v2 and for Wyze Cam Pan.

Step 3. Enable Wyze skill. Open your Alexa app or go to alexa.amazon.com or say “Alex, enable Wyze skill” to enable Wyze skill.

These are some Wyze FAQs that many people want to know. You can solve most of Wyze cam WIFI connection problems through the guide.

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