Since the 3D movie Avatar was popular around the world, people are crazy about watching great 3D movies. And some of them are trying to make their own 3D films. Let’s see how they create 3D movies by themselves.

3D Projector

What is 3D Movie?

3D means three dimensions, something that has width, height and depth. 3D movie is three-dimensional stereoscopic film (also known as S3D film), which is a motion picture that enhances the illusion of depth perception, hence adding a third dimension.

what is 3D movie

When you are watching a 3D movie with a 3D glasses, your eyes get two different images which allow you to see in three dimensions. In old fashioned 3D films, footage for the left eye filmed through a red lens filter which produces a red image, and footage for the right eye shot via a blue filter to get a blue image. Two projectors then superimposed the images on the cinema screen.


How to Make a 3D Movie?

3D movies are not exclusive for movie producers and cinemas. You have different options to create your own 3D film at home. The simple solution is to film a 2D video and then convert it to a 3D video.

Of course, you can make a 3D movie in other ways. You can shoot videos through using two cameras at the same time and produce the videos into a 3D movie via a professional software. Or simply shoot the film with a 3D camera.

Step 1. Prepare two identical cameras and make sure the lenses are 2 – 8 inches apart. You need a holder to fix them to shoot videos in stable.

Step 2. You’ll need a decent video editing software as well. The software will need to be able to manage two separate videos and adjust the colors.

Step 3. Shoot videos via two cameras in the same direction. You should choose an appropriate direction and apply your filming techniques to get perfect videos.

Step 4. Import the videos into a software like Premiere Pro. After that, adjust the tint of the left video to be red. Make the right camera’s video have a blue overlay.

Step 5. Export the 3D video. You should wear a 3D glasses to watch the 3D video. If it has not perfect 3D effect, you should adjust the videos’ opacity or do other settings again.

3d movie

That’s it! You can share your 3D movie with your friends or family now. It is not that difficult for normal people to make a 3D film by themselves. Let’s try!

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