Are you looking for a legal site to watch full movies for free? Illegal free movie sites are everywhere on the internet. These tips and tricks will help you tell if a free streaming movie site is legal or not.

Free Streaming Movie Sites

How to Tell If a Free Movie Site is Legal?

It is not easy to find free full movies online to watch totally for free. If you have got a place to watch free full movies, especially the latest full movies, you should make sure the site is legal before doing anything further on it. Let’s follow the tips to be sure the website is legal.

Illegal Movie Sites Change Domains Frequently

Many visitors of illegal websites have the problem in entering the sites through the same links after visiting a few days ago. Why the problem occurs frequently? Because these illegal sites change their domains once the sites are blocked.

For example, an illegal movie site’s domain is, its owner changes the domain into,,, xxx,love and so on. In this case, the website won’t lose its contents and its followers can continue viewing the site.

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Most Illegal Sites are Full of Improper Ads

Free streaming movie sites need to make money as well. Generally, they display advertisements from third party ads sites to earn money. The problem is that common advertisement sites will refuse illegal sites’ application because of violence, copyright, and sexual issues.

Illegal movie sites have copyright infringement problem. Therefore, ads site like Google Ads will never agree to display advertisements on the illegal streaming movie sites. These illegal websites solve the problem by displaying ads for sexual sites, gambling sites, violent game sites, and so on.

Sites that offer illegal full movies protected by copyrights often advertise VPN services and proxies. Obviously, hide your IP address from governments and internet service providers is a kind of illegal activity.

Illegal Movie Sites Never Tell You the Sources of Movies

In general, legal free online movies websites get their films in two ways: get permission from the film’s studio, or they show movies that fall under public domain. For example, Sony Crackle show free movies from Sony Pictures.

Free Streaming Movie

Almost all legal movie sites have their own “About Us” or similar pages to show you where their free movies from. For illegal movie sites, there are none page to find further information about the sources.

Illegal Streaming Sites Hide Their Information

Legal sites have nothing to hide. They always want to let their viewers know further about then and get more info from their users. Thus, legal sites have contact information in “Contact Us,” “About Us,” or something similar on their website.

Illegal movie sites have copyright problem so that they don’t want to others know their information. For example, you cannot find any contact information on Fmovies besides its social media accounts.

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Illegal Sites Shows New Movies Which are Exclusive for Certain Sites

Sometimes, film studios give the permission to a certain site to show its new movie online. In other words, the site is exclusive to show the film online legally. If a site displays the new movie online for watching, it is an illegal movie site. If the site shows the new movie, but it showing another old film when you playing, that means this movie site is not worth your trust.

Move on to another streaming site once you enter an online movie site and find out it has the same features of illegal website.

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