IMEI tracker is a method for mobile users to find their lost or stolen phones through IMEI number.

Mobile phone becomes a indispensable partner of daily life for most of people. When you lost your phone or your phone is stolen, you will get very anxious since the phone knows your personal information and contains much files, such as contact, personal photos, private videos, etc.

How to Track Your Lost Phone

“Can I find or track a lost phone? What are some ways to track a switched off mobile after it’s lost? How to find my phone through using IMEI number? How to use the IMEI number to locate a lost phone?” These questions are asked to get help after people lost phones. If you are one of them, IMEI Tracker may let you retrieve the lost phone.

Use IMEI Tracker to Find a Lost Phone

Before using IMEI number to track your lost or stolen phone, you need to know the IMEI number. The fastest way is to dial *#06#, a command to make the unique ID appear. If your phone is lost, but its packaging is kept, you are still able to find the IMEI number on the label.

Track Your Lost Phone via IMEI Number

The next step is to install an IMEI tracker on your device. There are many lost phone trackers on Google Play store, such as Find My Phone – IMEI Tracker, Find Lost Phone: Lost Phone Remote Access, IMEI Tracker – Find My Device, etc.

We take the Find My Phone – IMEI Tracker app as an example to show you how to use IMEI number to get your lost phone back.

Step 1. Open the app and enter your lost phone’s IMEI number.

enter your IMEI number to the IMEI tracker

Step 2. Get the information of your lost phone and then try to get it back.

find your lost phone by IMEI

It is easy to track your phone through using a phone finder or IMEI tracker. If you are finding a way to find your lost or stolen mobile phone, you can try the above tools or use other appropriate app on Google Play.

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