You need to wear a 3D glasses when you are watching 3D movies in the cinema. Can you watch a 3D movie without the glasses? If yes, how to watch 3D movies without glasses? Let’s find the solution!

How to Watch 3D Movies without Glasses

What is 3D Movie?

A 3D movie actually has a separate image for each eye. When each eye sees the image intended for it (left image for the left eye and right image for the right eye), it will appear in 3D like in real life.

what is 3D movie

If the left eye sees the right image or the right eye sees the left image, it will appear flat in 2D. The purpose of the 3D viewing glasses is to cancel the wrong images so that they do not reach the wrong eye. Without the 3D glasses, both eyes see both images, and the result is a pair of flat double images without 3D vision.

How to Watch 3D Movies without Glasses?

It is not convenient for 3D movies viewers when the theaters don’t provide 3D glasses. And 3D glasses are easily to be scratched and dirty. Therefore, many 3D movies fans complaint about the glasses though they let you immerse in the films.

M.I.T. have solved that problem and created a prototype for a 3D movie theater that doesn’t require any glasses. They call it Cinema 3D which allows everyone in the theater to enjoy the same 3D experience without any glasses.

watch 3D movies via VR headset

Using a complicated system of mirrors that are carefully placed and calculated based on the distance of each audience member, everyone can enjoy a movie from every seat based on the angle they’re watching without needing any accessories at all.

watch movies in vr

However, the high technology has not been applied in theaters generally. It will take some time before we all get to enjoy 3D movies without glasses.

How will We Watch Movies in the Future

After the Cinema 3D is normal in our daily lives, it may be possible for us to watch 3D movies through televisions. Of course, we should pay more attention and work harder to make it come true.


Wrap up

Technology gives us surprise and update the ways of entertainments. Theaters will apply new technology in showing movies while directors are using advanced tech in directing new movies. Thus, we will be able to watch 3D films without 3D glasses one day. And it will be a revolution in the film industry when it becomes a truth in the future.

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