Watching movies in VR makes you feel you are a part of the movies instead of the viewer. How can you watch movies in VR? With the advanced virtual reality technology, you are able to enjoy VR movies at home.

How to Watch Movies in VR

It is amazing for VR users to watch a movie in a head-mounted display. You can lie down on your bed or sofa to enjoy a movie with VR equipment which you easily forget where you are.

Given that you have a VR headset, you own a virtual reality home theater. You can move the screen, change the size of the screen, choose the landscape, and ever more to watch movies in VR. A VR headset is the next best movie gadget to own if you have not one.

What Kinds of Videos You Can Watch in VR?

There are countless videos on the internet for watching. Can you watch all videos through VR headset? Or does the VR headset support all videos? The answer is no. You can only watch the four types of videos through VR headsets:

  • 2D videos – They are regular videos on YouTube, most DVD and Blu-ray movies.
  • 3D videos – It is the same as 3D movies. You can get 3D videos from some Blu-ray.
  • 180 or 360 degree videos – You can find some on YouTube, Facebook or other platforms.
  • Full virtual reality videos – This format combines 3D and 180 or 360 degree footage for a completely immersive. You can watch a few full VR videos on YouTube or buy some from companies.

How to Watch Movies in VR?

You need a VR headset to watch movies in VR. There are many different VR headsets with different specifications, such as PIMAX 5K Plus Virtual Reality Headset, VR SHINECON G05A 3D Glasses, Helmet Version VR Virtual 3D VR Glasses, etc.

How to Watch Movies in VR

The most convenient way to watch movies through VR headset is to use movie-watching apps for VR gadgets. Here are some popular movie-watching apps for different VR headsets.

Big Screen / Virtual Desktop for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

BigScreen and Virtual Desktop is the apps that should be tried for desktop VR. You can sit in a virtual home theater and watch your movie on a big screen.

Movie-watching Apps for Daydream / Gear VR

Daydream and Gream VR have more options when watching movies in VR. Netflix, the built-in Video app, Hulu and more are available for your headset.

How to Watch Movies in VR

Movie-watching Apps for Playstation VR

There are apps for Netflix, Hulu and HBO GO, along with more options to choose from when you’re ready to sit back and relax with a film.

How to Watch Movies in VR

Of course, you can download movies to your phone or PC to watch them through VR headset. You need to follow your headset’s user manual to set up your devices to watch a movie in VR view.

However, your eyes will feel tired after watching a movie in VR. You should remove the headset to take a break until your eyes are ready for more videos.

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