Movie is a kind of entertainment which will never out of style in the future. But the ways to watch movies may be changed with technology updated at a fast pace. How will we watch movies in the future? What is the normal method for most of us to watch movies?

watch movies in the cinema

At present, most movies are theatrical released firstly and then released online after they are not showing in cinemas anymore. Movie industry changed because of technology makes anything possible. Let’s see how we may watch movies in the future.

How will We Watch Movies in the Future

Online Streaming

Nowadays, watch movies online is popular then ever as most of us own laptops, or / and smartphones which give us the possibility to watch movies through them. We believe that it will be normal for people to watch new movies online in the future instead of going to cinemas.

watch new movies online

We can watch movies with big screens at home if we connect our smartphones or laptops to projectors. That’s the same as watch movies at cinemas. People will enjoy the way to watch movies with family and friends.

Virtual Reality Cinemas

It is easy to build a VR cinema at home if you have bought a VR headset. Gaming fans are more familiar with VR headsets like Oculus Rift because VR games are trending now. of course, watch movies in VR is not a difficulty in the future.

watch movies in vr

Oculus and many other VR technology companies are working on giving their users better experience in watching movies in VR. It will let people immerse in the films like the stories happening around them if they watching through virtual reality cinemas.

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Watch Movies through Cloud

Network speed is not a limitation for watching movies online or downloading movies without WiFi. 5G network makes load / download a movie at seconds possible with its fast speed. You’ll soon be able to buy films and have them sent directly to your preferred cloud storage account so that you can watch them anywhere you like.

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“You Act in the Film”

It is just an idea! When you watch a movie, you choose the character you want to play. That is to say you are the character in the film. You can response to every decision in the movie to live the life you want in the film. For example, you can choose to refuse someone’s confession or start a relationship with him/her.

However, it is a huge project to create such a movie. We believe technology will help us to make the dream come true in the future.

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