How movies affect politics? Indian movies have huge influence in the India’s political life. Let’s know how movies influence Indian politics.

Indian movies

In the Indian election year, there are many movies political movies, such as The Tashkent Files, The Accidental Prime Minister, PM Narendra Modi, etc. which tell the stories of famous Indian politicians.

The Accidental Prime Minister

On April 10th, just before the start of the 2019 Indian election, the biography of the Prime Minister Modi, the premiere of Indian Prime Minister Modi, was stopped screening by the Indian Election Commissio.

PM Narendra Modi

Why PM Narendra Modi cannot show during the election? It supports the Indian People’s Party led by Modi and his Hindu nationalist ideology, which may mislead the voters.

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Film and Politics are Closely Integrated

The film is a popular cultural medium with a very important influence in India. In India, the artistic expression of film has been closely integrated with politics since its appearance.

Movies began to reflect social issues like advocating caste equality since 1920s. In the 1930s, films became an important media weapon in India’s struggle for independence. Due to its influence, British colonists had to tighten the film censorship system in 1930 to control the country.

PM Narendra Modi

In 1947, India became independent and the Indian film department was established. Its primary task was to establish a sense of national identity. With the government’s plans and support, Indian film industry has filmed a series of patriotic films such as Mother India.

Mother India movie

After the economic reforms in India in 1991, in the face of western culture, the reflection on Indian identity and cultural heritage became one of the important themes of Indian cinema.

For a long time, the film has also become a cultural carrier for Indian society to oppose corruption and call for justice, and constitutes an important link for overseas Indian immigrant groups to maintain their identity and cultural identity.

Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran

Wrap up

There are many Indian thriller movies depict police corruption to call for attention on the issue, and there are also many movies show advantages of some Indian policies. In other words, Indian movies help the country to be better through uncovering important issues.

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