OnePlus has released several new phones in 2019. OnePlus 7T phablet is a special of OnePlus series. It is called OnePlus 2K phone because it comes with 2K HD resolution screen.

OnePlus 7T 2K Phone

Obviously, OnePlus 7T is professional in its display. 2K AMOLED screen let phone users watch videos clearly. Therefore, OnePlus 7T is a perfect movie phone. It is worthwhile to but one for yourself or for your friend’s 2019 Christmas gift.

OnePlus 7T – 2K AMOLED Display

Oneplus 7T has a 6.55-inch display which affords you a vivid and different visual experience. The smartphone would be the best for movie fans and game players who will get a smoother 90Hz display to experience better watch and game experiences.

OnePlus 7T 2K movie game smartphone

Don’t worry about the display when you want to watch movies in HD. With OnePlus 7T 2K phone, you are able to watch videos in high resolution. The 6.55 inches AMOLED display lets you watch videos more cinematic and everyday tasks easier in a 20:9 aspect ratio.

OnePlus 7T Other Key Features

2K AMOLED screen is not all about OnePlus 7T smartphone. It has also many other great changes comparing with other OnePlus phones.

Triple Cameras

Day or night, close or far away, movie or still – no matter where you are, OnePlus 7T is always be ready to capture something amazing. The OnePlus 7T smartphone’s three independent cameras work in concert for exceptional versatility, stunning clarity and accurate color reproduction.

Android 10 Snapdragon 855 Plus

With top hardware and software for the ultimate flagship, OnePlus 7T is faster and smother. Its haptic feedback is more accurate, satisfying, and better than ever. The fnatic mode turns your OnePlus 7T into a dedicated gaming powerhouse.

OnePlus 7T 2K Phone Android 10 Snapdragon 855


You can save more videos, music, photos in OnePlus 7T smartphone with 256GB large inner storage. It is an obvious movie phone which you can download many movies and then watch them in 2K resolution. That’s awesome!

OnePlus 7T Price

The price of OnePlus 7T is different if you but the smartphone on different platforms. Generally, it is 700 – 1000 dollars. But the price can be cheaper when there is a flash sale. For example, the price of OnePlus 7T international version is $599.99 on Gearbest. Of course, the price will be changed after the flash sale ends.

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