Xiaomi has designed many popular smart appliances for home, such as Mi smart robot vacuum cleaner, Xiaomi Notebook, Yeelight series, Xiaomi IP camera and more. Now Mijia A1 foldable WalkingPad is a new comer of Xiaomi family.

Xiaomi Mijia A1 Foldable WalkingPad

WalkingPad vs Treadmill

WalkingPad, or walking pad, is a compact, foldable treadmill designed for small spaces and active people. It is an affordable fitness equipment for every home.

Xiaomi Mijia A1 Foldable WalkingPad Treadmill

Treadmill is a kind of big fitness equipment which let you do exercise at home or office at leisure time. Generally, treadmills cannot be folded easily and will need more space than walkingpads.

Of course, both walkingpad and treadmill have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the best exercise equipment for you and your home.

Xiaomi Mijia A1 Foldable WalkingPad

Xiaomi Mijia A1 walkingpad treadmill smart fitness machine is the perfect device for exercising at home or office. And you are able to walk / enjoy sports even it is raining outside. You can fold the walkingpad to put it under sofa when you don’t need it.

Xiaomi Mijia A1 WalkingPad

Xiaomi A1 walkingpad is the winners of 2019 reddot award and iF Design Award 2019. Let’s see why Xiaomi Mijia A1 walkingpad treadmill is popular with smart home followers and fitness enthusiasts.

Adaptive Speed Adjustment

The pressure sensor can adapt to your pace, accelerate or decelerate easily finally free your hands and provide free exercise truly. It is a comfortable walking experience with the high-density fiberboard and buffer layer design, no more noise to disturb families.

Xiaomi Mijia A1 WalkingPad Home Treadmill

Convenient to Use and Store

Xiaomi A1 foldable walkingpad treadmill is convenient to be used because it is not heavy and has moving wheels. Moreover, the home treadmill machine is free installation at all. You can take out your Xiaomi walkingpad and then use it directly.

Xiaomi Mijia A1 Foldable WalkingPad

Get All Your Data on Mijia App

If you link the Mijia A1 WalkingPad to Mijia, you can check your data after exercising. Mijia will record all your movement data to let you know your changes.

Multiple Security Protection

With the child lock protection, overload protection, auto standby, and novice speed limit functions, you can rest assured to use this WalkingPad. Thus, don’t worry about the security of using Mijia Walkingpad treadmill machine.

Do Other Things at the Same Time

There are many things you can do while walking on your Xiaomi A1 WalkingPad. For example, you can watch a movie after setup an appropriate speed. Of course, you can change the speed through remote control when you think it is too fast.

Xiaomi has many other features that are waiting for you to explore. You can find more information on some sale pages. Or you can own a Xiaomi home walkingpad / office walkingpad.

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